Hooked On Tax Sale Overages

The Dirty Secret of Tax Sale Overages

What’s the dirty little secret ‘they’ don’t want you to know?

There are billions of dollars owed to private citizens sitting on the books of government agencies all over the country.

Yes,BILLIONS (32.7 at last count)!

And to claim the funds all the owner has to do is show up –but he has to act fast. In many states his right to the money expires in a matter of months.

What happens when time runs out?

The agency holding the funds is allowed to keep them,and that’s just not fair.

Make Money With Property Tax Sale Overages

We’ve prepared an “Insider’s Guide”  that will show you how our students are collecting five-figure finder fees by locating and recoving these funds for the unknowing claimants.

You can grab it free here:Insider’s Guide to 5-Figure Checks

Download Free Insider's 5 Figure Guide Hooked on Overages

Free Insider's 5 Figure Guide Hooked on Overages